NH Business Review 2013 Health Care Forum2013 Health Care Forum!

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The NHBR and MVP Health Care Forum on October 1, 2013 further explored the ACA's effect at the national level, as well as from a New Hampshire-specific perspective.

Keynote speaker Stan Hupfeld and the panel discussed:

What are an employer's options?
Who is eligible for health premium tax credits?
How does the delay in the insurance penalty affect employers?
If employers don't offer insurance, will they have to pay a penalty?
How will the health insurance exchange work for small businesses?
This year's forum featured expert advice on the ACA, with a specific focus on how it affects New Hampshire employers. We featured a panel of local employers of different sizes, with different health benefits needs, discussed how the ACA has figured into their planning now and in the future.
Panel Discussion:

The Health Care Forum panel discussion opened with commentary on some of the legal issues surrounding the ACA and how the bill will specifically affect the New Hampshire business community.
To better understand the impact of the ACA, NHBR selected representatives of three New Hampshire companies to serve as real-life case studies. They shared how the ACA has affected them so far, and how they expect it will affect the health benefits and related programs they offer in the future.